MDT PowerShell database bulk import

Using PowerShell to read through a CSV file to add computer entries into the MDT 2010 Database

Tonight on Twitter there were a few mentions about a blog post importing computers in bulk into the MDT database using VbScript. The blog post in question was

Skatterbrainz had to convert a PowerShell Module into VBScript. The module can be found here.

I use the scripts contained within this module all the time, here is the command I use to Bulk import my computer items.

I have a CSV file with my computer information.

With each heading being a setting used in the database.


I then run the following script.

Import-Module mdtdb

$assets = Import-Csv “.Book2.csv”
connect-mdtdatabase -sqlserver yourdatabaseserver -database MDTDB4

ForEach($asset In $assets)


new-mdtcomputer -serialnumber $asset.SerialNumber -settings @{OSInstall=’YES’; OSDComputerName=$asset.OSDComputername; _SMSTSORGNAME=$asset._SMSTSORGNAME}


This will run through the CSV file and add them names and settings to the MDT database.

If you need to add different settings, just add SETTINGNAME=$asset.SETTINGNAME within the { }

So quite an easy way to quickly import items into the MDT database.


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