MDT 2012 Beta 2 changes

I have just downloaded the MDT 2012 Beta 2. On first look it seems to be the same old MDT mmc look.

On opening the deployment share properties right click on deployment share, select properties everything looks different.


MDT Deployment share properties

MDT comes with 4 tabs. General, Rules, Windows PE, Monitoring

General and rules tab have not changed but within Windows PE MDT now has multiple tabs within to specify features and driver packages.



The last tab is the monitoring tab, with MDT 2012 deployments can be monitored from the monitoring node within the deployment share. The progress of the LTI deployment process is displayed as a percentage of completion. More on this later.


Within a task sequence properties there is now a run PowerShell step, MDT now allows PowerShell scripts to interact with task sequence variables and add to logs. PowerShell uses the Microsoft.BDD.TaskSequenceModule to create the TSENV: and TSENVLIST: Windows PowerShell drives. So I wasn’t going mad when I discovered this feature a few months ago in Beta1, more later.

PowerShell snapin improvements

Speaking of PowerShell MDT 2012 beta 2 has updated cmdlets for the monitoring solution. Once again, more on this later.


There have been some major improvements in Beta 2. Ill do some more digging and testing and post more about this update soon.


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