Intel V-Pro PowerShell module Version 3 –Unboxing

As I mentioned in my previous post, Intel has released V3 of their VPRO Powershell module.

The module uses WinRM to access AMT enabled VPRO systems. Now you can do most of what these cmdlet’s can do by using Powershell’s WSMAN cmdlet’s but why on earth would you when Intel have done all the hard work for you!

After a day of chasing Intel about a dodgy link on their website they finally emailed me this link.

This link will take you to a ZIP file containing an x86 and x64 installer. Along with a handy PDF detailing the cmdlets contained within the module.

Once installed you can find the module within

Program FilesIntel CorporationPowerShellModules

Once installed open Powershell and type the command get-module –listavailable

This should show the intelvpro module, you can then import-module intelvpro to get to the cmdlets.

Running the command get-command –module intelvpro gives the following list of cmdlet’s

Name : Remove-AllITProfiles Name : Get-AMT3PDS
Name : Remove-AllUserProfiles Name : Get-AMTAccessMonitor
Name : Remove-AmtDirectoryObject Name : Get-AMTAlarmClock
Name : Set-AMT3PDS Name : Get-AmtCertificate
Name : Set-AmtAdminAcl Name : Get-AmtCredential
Name : Set-AMTAlarmClock Name : Get-AmtCredentialPath
Name : Set-AmtClock Name : Get-AmtDigestRealm
Name : Set-AmtHost Name : Get-AmtDirectoryObject
Name : Set-AMTSystemDefense Name : Get-AMTEventLog
Name : Set-MebxPassword Name : Get-AMTFirmwareVersion
Name : Start-AmtConfiguration Name : Get-AMTHardwareAsset
Name : Start-AMTIDER Name : Get-AmtHostSetupRecord
Name : Start-AMTUserConsent Name : Get-AMTIDER
Name : Stop-AmtConfiguration Name : Get-AMTPowerState
Name : Stop-AMTIDER Name : Get-AmtProduct
Name : Stop-AMTUserConsent Name : Get-AmtSession
Name : Write-AmtCredential Name : Get-AmtSetup
Name : Get-AmtSignature Name : Clear-AMT3PDS
Name : Get-AMTSystemDefense Name : Clear-AMTAlarmClock
Name : Get-AmtUri Name : Clear-AMTSystemDefense
Name : Get-AMTUserConsent Name : ConvertFrom-Sid
Name : Get-AmtValueMap Name : ConvertTo-AmtPassword
Name : Get-CertificateChain Name : ConvertTo-Sid
Name : Invoke-AMTForceBoot Name : Disable-Amt
Name : Invoke-AMTGUI Name : Disable-AmtClientMode
Name : Invoke-AMTPowerManagement Name : Disable-AmtTls
Name : Invoke-AMTSOL Name : Enable-AmtAdminMode
Name : New-AmtConnection Name : Enable-AmtClientMode
Name : New-AmtDirectoryObject Name : Enable-AmtTrace
Name : New-AmtPassword Name : Enter-AmtRemoteConfiguration
Name : New-AmtSession Name : Enter-AmtSession
Name : New-AmtWirelessProfile Name : Exit-AmtSession
Name : Read-AmtCredential Name : Export-CertForAMT

Compared to version 2 of the Cmdlet’s there seems to be a lot more going on in version 3

there is also a provider included in V3 which allows the creation of AMT drives.

There are also IDER cmdlet’s allowing 1:n IDE redirection, which could come in handy for Zero- touch type installations.

One thing that’s disappointing is the lack of Cmdlet help especially the examples.

But either way, a very useful module for organisations using Vpro enabled hardware.