Using MDT in virtualbox

I have recently been building MDT 2010 images inside Vmware workstation. Unfortunately my trial version recently ran out.

As I need a VM platform that will cope with multiple images on my pc with the ability to take snapshots, I found Oracle’s Virtualbox.

Virtualbox is a free open source application. It works in a similar way to Workstation.

For workstation, I followed Johan Arwidmark’s blog post MDT 2010 Lite Touch, Windows XP and VMware Workstation 7.0

I tried using the same instructions for Virtualbox, it all went fine until the machine booted into winpe.

Winpe could not get past the initial BDE welcome screen. No networking could be found. But when I logged into XP on the same machine, I could get a network connection.

After a while looking for a fix on the internet I found a setting inside virtualbox for the networking options.

Open virtualbox, and go into the VM’s settings, then select network. On the adapter select advanced.

Select a network hardware relevant to your host machine.


Once this has been selected. The winpe image should have a suitable network allowing a connection to a MDT share.