Finding out more about PowerShell cmdlets, snap ins, and modules

I’m just getting myself ready for the Scripting games ..

So I’m brushing up on some basic Windows PowerShell commands.

In order to successfully manage a powerful management tool like PowerShell you really need to know what each cmdlet is capable of.

Before running any cmdlet for the first time I always check what members it contains, what parameters it accepts. Here are some tips I’ve thought of on the way.

Get the parameters a cmdlet accepts.

(Get-Command cmdletname).parameters

Get the properties of a cmdlet

Get-Command cmdletname | Get-Member

Get the cmdlets within a pssnapin

Get-Command –pssnapin *snapinname*

Get the cmdlets within a module

Get-Command –module *modulename*

Get the location of the pssnapin dll

Get-Command –pssnapin pssnapinname|fl dll





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